When it snows in Venice

St mark's with snow 1

It doesn’t snow often in Venice, and when it does, the salty air of the lagoon tends to mean that it doesn’t last too long.

Historically, ice was a great concern for the Venetians.  Back in Venice’s heyday at the heart of a maritime empire, its rulers feared the lagoon freezing solid, as this would make it relatively easy for attackers to access the city.  This is thankfully still a rare event given the degree to which local services depend upon waterways for transport – the last time it happened was in 2012.

Snow alone is much less of an inconvenience – other than ice making Venice’s many bridges slippery and occasionally causing the balconies on St Mark’s Cathedral to close, there is little disruption.

We were lucky enough to be in Venice on one of the rare occasions when the snow stuck around – and here’s what it looked like.

St mark's with snow 2

Snow in Sant Mark’s square

St mark's with snow 3

Snow in Saint Mark’s square

Snow on the rooftops of Venice, views through to the Grand Canal

Snow on the rooftops of Venice, views through to the Grand Canal

Venice snow rooftops

San Marco, Venice rooftops in the snow

Venice gondolas with snow

Gondolas in snow

Venice snow gondoliers


Venice snow bridgeSnow in Venice

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