Top 10 Spanish food souvenirs

Spanish food: our list of the best food souvenirs for visitors

So you’ve had a lovely holiday/work trip/booze cruise and would like to pick up some Spanish food souvenirs to take home to your nearest and dearest.  But where to start with Spanish food?  Here is our list of the best food souvenirs (foovenirs?) for visitors to Spain.  All are readily available in supermarkets, delicatessens and mercados, and will be appreciated much more than that flamenco dancer dress you’ve had your eye on.  We promise.

1. Chorizo – the paprika-heavy sausage that is great eaten either thinly sliced as a tapa or sandwich filler, or chucked into stews, lentils, paella, you name it.

2. Jamón – come on, how could you have missed this staple of Spanish food?  Look for pata negra varieties for a special treat.  Comes in vacuum-packed envelopes for easy packing.

3. Brandy – Spanish brandy is a little-known secret – try Carlos I for a real treat.

Mercado de San Nicolas, Madrid Chueca.

Markets are the best place to buy Spanish food souvenirs

4. Cava – Spain’s answer to champagne

5. Red wine – Rioja is one of Spain’s most famous exports for a reason.  You do not need to spend a lot to get a decent bottle – anything over about €5 will be perfectly palatable.

6. Turrón – eaten by the tonne over the Christmas holidays, turrón comes in a mind-boggling array of varieties from a hard toffee with almonds to a type of alcoholic fudge and everything in between.  The only things they really have in common is that they are sweet, rectangular and delicious.

7. Salsa Bravas – patatas bravas your thing? Pick up a bottle of bravas sauce and take the taste home with you.

8. Saffron – cheap in Spain and ideal if you are planning on cooking up some post-holiday paella when you get home.

9. Drinking chocolate – thick, goopy and, well, really chocolatey, this is one of Spain’s great contributions to the world.  Buy in powder form or ready-made, Valor is a good brand to look out for.

10.  Olives/olive oil – take your pick!

Bonus: Boqueria market tour with a Barcelona master chef

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