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hotel ritz madrid habitación

Hotel Ritz, Madrid – another name for luxury

Thankfully, some things never change.  In the case of Madrid’s Hotel Ritz, opened 12 years after the Paris branch in 1910, luxury still abounds: this place is as close to perfect as you can get.  The upholstery is plush, the staff…

chocolat madrid chocolate con churros

Chocolat, Madrid: churros and chocolate in Huertas

Yes, times are hard in Spain at the moment.  So hard that it can be tricky to fine a good dose of churros con chocolate (strips of fried dough served with a cup of thick chocolate for dipping) in the city centre….

bodegas casas madrid

Madrid’s temple of vermouth: Bodegas Casas

‘Laterio’ is a big thing in Spain.  We’re talking bars, yes, but bars that specialize in preserves – usually seafood including treats like cockles, scallops, mussels and clams.  And, yes, we understand that going to a bar to eat canned goods…


Circulo de Bellas Artes – art and cake in Madrid

Madrid’s Circulo de Bellas Artes tends to get lumped in with the city’s galleries by guidebooks and tour guides, but this stunning 19th century arts centre is much more than that. Consistently home to some of the most interesting exhibitions…

Bar Selva, Madrid

Bar Selva: budget luxury on Gran Via, Madrid

You know who your best friends are when you trust them to choose where to eat.  On our last visit to Madrid, the friend in question was writer and journalist Eduardo Laporte and, boy, did he choose well.  We asked for a…

Casa Camacho, Madrid

5 Madrid bars to start a night out

“Salí a tomar una cañas y me lié” (“I went out for a few drinks and got waylaid”).  A classic excuse heard all over Madrid bars, and one that explains that phenomenon whereby during the exceptionally hot and sweaty Castillian…

Cafe comercial

Café Comercial, Madrid: churros with the lit crowd

One of Madrid’s most emblematic and traditional cafés, Café Comercial has remained unchanged for much of its 126 year history, with the first credit card machine installed only in January 2013 after many years of valiant resistance.  A favourite among…

la ardosa madrid

La Ardosa, Madrid: spiritual home of the croqueta

A few weeks ago we told you about Casa Camacho, and about how Casa Camacho to Vermouth is like the Batcave to Bruce Wayne.  If billionaire vigilantes hung out in Madrid’s fash barrio Malasaña, that is.  And if they did, they…

Casa Camacho

Casa Camacho: neighbourhood cool in Madrid

  Casa Camacho is one of Madrid’s best authentic bars, and one of Malasaña’s old watering holes par excellence.  Popular with the kind of cool kids who would rather die than get a trendy haircut, Camacho is THE place for…