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churros granja viader

Granja Viader: Chocolate for breakfast in Barcelona

Churros.  If you haven’t heard of them, consider this a warning.  Don’t try them.  We repeat, do not even think about taking a bite out of one of these delicious hot doughnutty breakfast things.  And don’t even dream about dunking…

Cafe comercial

Café Comercial, Madrid: churros with the lit crowd

One of Madrid’s most emblematic and traditional cafés, Café Comercial has remained unchanged for much of its 126 year history, with the first credit card machine installed only in January 2013 after many years of valiant resistance.  A favourite among…

Casa Egon La Orotava

Casa Egon: Tea and cakes in the Canary islands

Yeah, yeah.  We know that we already told you about the little town of La Orotava, with its 17th century architecture and beautiful gardens and stunning views across the sea from the foothills of the Teide national park.  But there…