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churros granja viader

Granja Viader: Chocolate for breakfast in Barcelona

Churros.  If you haven’t heard of them, consider this a warning.  Don’t try them.  We repeat, do not even think about taking a bite out of one of these delicious hot doughnutty breakfast things.  And don’t even dream about dunking…

chocolat madrid chocolate con churros

Chocolat, Madrid: churros and chocolate in Huertas

Yes, times are hard in Spain at the moment.  So hard that it can be tricky to fine a good dose of churros con chocolate (strips of fried dough served with a cup of thick chocolate for dipping) in the city centre….


War and Peace at Café de l’Opera, Barcelona

  The only place on Las Ramblas that has retained any real sense of the old Barcelona, Café de l’Opera has been serving churros to tourists and musicians from the nearby opera house for over 80 years now.  According to the owners, not even the Spanish Civil…