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El Jardi, Barcelona

A lazy Sunday in Barcelona

8am A beautiful blue-sky day.  Autumn in Barcelona tends to be pleasant, especially for those of us used to cooler weather.  From December through to Spring, however, things can get distinctly chilly. We enjoy a cup of tea in the…

5 libros

5 Books about Spain – ideal gifts for Sant Jordi

You might already know that Sant Jordi (the 23rd April) is Barcelona’s annual books, love and nationalism day.  So rather than getting stuck on what to buy your sweetie, try one of our recommendations.  Here are 5 books that the…

Parc Güell, Barcelona

A book lover’s guide to Barcelona

Barcelona has long been associated with an arty crowd – after all, this is the city where Picasso, Dali, Gaudi et al spent much of their adult lives wafting around and making things look pretty.  Writers have also been drawn…