Valletta’s retro charm

Here at Gusto Guides we love the Mediterranean.  A lot.  So we’ve decided to expand the blog and start publishing about out travels outwith the Spanish Peninsula (don’t worry, Spanish dad has packed us off with plenty of jamón).

Malta is one of the most historical places in the Mediterranean, and the grand old buildings and imposing fortifications of its capital Valletta are testament to the island’s role in the history of Southern Europe.

Malta is a unique place, and retains a unique personality with both Arabic and European flavours (the island has been colonised by the Moors, Spanish, French and Brits before voting for independence in the 1960s), not least in the near-impenetrable native language, Malti.

One thing that fascinated us on a recent trip to the island were the decades-old shop signs still in use in Valletta, many of which recalled a colonial age that ended over 50 years ago.  Here are a few of the best we stumbled across.

la valeta malta rotulos

 la valeta malta rotulos 2

la valeta malta rotulos

la valeta malta rotulos

la valeta malta rotulos 5

Charles Bar, Valletta, Malta

Valletta communion suitsRaffaele Portelli 1917

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