Restaurante Los Mellizos (Málaga): where locals eat like kings

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When we asked our Malagueno friends where to eat in Malaga, they all came up with the same answer: Los Mellizos. This seafood restaurant is tucked away in Malaga’s old town in an area with a ridiculous number of bars, but still manages to attract more diners than any of its neighbours.

We rolled up for an early lunch (that is, early lunch for Spain – about 1345) and found a free table with no trouble – but within minutes, would-be diners were being turned away and told there was a half-hour wait.

 Restaurant Los Mellizos is a no-nonsense, family friendly kind of place with indoor dining area and a sprawling terrace (a sign of the restaurant’s popularity) that is covered over in winter. Everyone from well-to-do local families to groups of youngsters crowd in for some of the best fish in the city. On the street beside the terrace, the waiters casually carve up fish big enough to feed a family of six. Oh, and that half-hour wait? Nobody seemed to mind.

Our bill

  • Calamares 10.80
  • Russian salad 6.80
  • Croquetas 9.80
  • Bread 2.00
  • 1 glass white wine 2.20
  • 1 glass Coca Cola 1.80

Total: 33.40€

restaurante los mellizos 3

Best bits

Without a doubt, some of the best seafood we’ve had – and an excellent Russian salad. We also liked the laid-back atmosphere and local flavour.

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