Spanish oven-baked hake: easy recipe by Spanish dad

Missing mama’s home cooking?  Try this simple, healthy recipe from Gusto’s resident Spanish dad for an oven-baked hake dish – ideal served with a glass of Albarino (and so easy you could even make it after a glass or two).


1.5kg hake – ideally the tail cut.  This recipe can also be adapted for any kind of white fish if hake isn’t available in your area.
Two potatoes
Six cloves of garlic, finely chopped
Olive oil
Cayenne pepper


1. Preheat the oven to 140-150 degrees.

2. Very important – pour yourself a nice glass of wine.

3. Chop the potatoes into slices about half a centimetre thick.  Add salt and a dash of olive oil, and slowly cook in a frying pan over low heat until cooked through.

receta merluza al horno 1

receta merluza al horno 2

4. Next, arrange the cooked slices of potatoes along with some parsley on the bottom of an oven-proof dish.

 receta merluza al horno 3

5. Salt both sides of the fish and place it on top of the bed of potatoes and parsley, and add some extra olive oil.

receta merluza al horno 4

6. Pop the dish in the oven for about 15 minutes.

7. Now back to the frying pan: using the oil left over from cooking the potatoes, fry off a pinch of Cayenne pepper and the chopped garlic.  Add a splash of vinegar.

8. After 15 minutes have passed, open the oven and add the cayenne pepper, garlic and vinegar mixture to the fish.  Turn down the heat just a touch, and leave to cook for another 5 minutes or so.

receta merluza al horno 5

9. Spanish dad’s special tip for making this dish: the most important thing when making this dish is to make sure that the fish isn’t overcooked and holds on to its lovely moist texture.

receta merluza al horno plato

Buen apetito!

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