La Vega – breakfast hotspot in Jerez de la Frontera, Andalucia

Here at Gusto Guides, we aren’t the kind to tell lies.  We were lured into La Vega by the plastic laminate signs tacked up in the windows that read ‘CHURROS – 1kg 8€’.  We love a bit of churro.

La Vega sits in one corner of Plaza Esteve in central Jerez and is open all day and well into the night, attracting a mixture of tourists and quirky regulars.  The main draw, in the mornings at least, is the neatly symbiotic churro concession that occupies one corner of the bar.  That’s right, the corner of the bar where all hell is breaking loose.

The barmen take care of your chocolate, the churro maestro does the rest.  And how.

Churros by the kilo

The food

Other than the churros, good-looking downstairs-bar stuff: platos combinados, tapas and hearty raciones.  And of course, the local sherry (jerez).

What we ate

Churros.  Lots of churros.  Apparently ‘churros for two’ means ‘a package of churros the size of a hefty toddler, please’. €1.50

Chocolate for 2: €3.40

Total: €4.90

Making churros in Jerez de la Frontera

The staff

Friendly and welcoming, with a busy sideline in getting told off by their girlfriends.

Best bits

Watching the locals do their thing.

Bad bits

Can’t remember.  Eaten too much.

Churro time in Jerez

More information

Address:  Plaza Esteve

11402 Jerez de la Frontera

Telephone:  0034956337748

Website:   Website?  Why would we want one of those?

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