Chocolat, Madrid: churros and chocolate in Huertas

chocolat madrid chocolate con churros

Yes, times are hard in Spain at the moment.  So hard that it can be tricky to fine a good dose of churros con chocolate (strips of fried dough served with a cup of thick chocolate for dipping) in the city centre. We’ve had a few churro mishaps recently – dried-out churros, greasy churros, churros that cost as much as a main meal.  We’ve even been driven to franchise churros – something we aren’t too keen on here at Gusto Guides.  But, as the old proverb goes, churros are churros.

After all of these misadventures we stumbled upon Chocolat, a modern, unpretentious chocolatería in the Huertas area of Madrid.  And what did we find?  Proper churros!  Proper chocolate!  A reasonable bill!  Since opening 12 years ago, Chocolat has apparently made a name for itself in this central neighbourhood, just a few minutes from the Museo del Prado and Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum.  We visited on a Saturday morning and the place was packed with local families, older couples and hung-over (or still drunk) youngsters looking for the ultimate sweet start to the day.


The young waiters were friendly, the chocolate was served ultra-fast and the churros weren’t too oily.  The only downside to this place was the limited size of the seating area, meaning that it can be hard to find a table at times (although you can reserve).  As well as a chocolateria, Chocolat is a cafeteria and has a wide menu if you have (weird) friends who don’t like churros – think orange juice, cakes and sandwiches for starters.

Our bill

  • 2 chocolates and churros (of course)
  • Total: €7.00

More information

  • Web:
  • Tel: +34 91 429 45 65
  • Address: Calle Santa María 30, 28014 Madrid
  • Metro: Anton Martín
  • Opening hours: 0730h – 1600h, Wednesday to Monday

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