Cheap eats in the Eixample: Casa Jaime, Barcelona

Casa Jaime, Barcelona

Casa Jaime, Barcelona

Casa Jaime is an ideal place to worship at the altar of menu del dia, the Spanish tradition of attempting to eat as much lunch as possible in exchange for the smallest amount of your hard-earned cash.

Our bill

Menu del dia (of course!):


Roast chicken with pimientos del pardon

Crème catalan

Rioja (Yes, at lunchtime.  Yes, we are ‘going off the rails’)

Total: €10.20

Canelones, Casa Jaime
Chicken and pimientos del padron
Chicken and Pimientos del Padron
Creme catalan
Creme Catalan 

The staff

A mix of young waiters and veterans with hearty moustaches, all of whom are F1-fast at switching your starter for a main and your main for a crème catalan.

Best bits

Crème catalan that will make you feel like the Michelin man when you finally get around to hauling yourself back to work.

Casa Jaime, Barcelona

Casa Jaime, Barcelona

More information

Casa Jaime

C/Consell de Cent, 222


Tel: 934 533 080

Open: 9 a.m. to midnight

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