Casa Egon: Tea and cakes in the Canary islands

Surtido de dulces de Casa Egon, La Orotava

Yeah, yeah.  We know that we already told you about the little town of La Orotava, with its 17th century architecture and beautiful gardens and stunning views across the sea from the foothills of the Teide national park.  But there was one more thing we didn’t tell you about, and this thing is cake.  More specifically, the cake at Casa Egon.  This traditional café in La Orotava’s old town was founded by the German Egon Wende in 1925 and has been serving the good people of Tenerife ever since, with its menu and premises almost unchanged.

Casa Egon is, despite its somewhat lesser fame, one of those bars that somehow defines an entire city (see also the Cafe Comercial in Madrid or Pamplona’s Cafe Iruña).  This is a wonderful, relaxed place to loiter over a platter of pastries and a good book.  The airy dining room has sparse furnishings and ramshackle elegance that matches the atmosphere that permeates much of old Tenerife.  The pastries and coffee are served traditionally (on a little silver platter fit for a conquistador), and if you wander through the back of the establishment, there is a lovely terrace where you can enjoy your goodies in La Orotava’s beautiful Victoria Garden.

Best Bits

The fabulous selection of handmade pastries is reason enough to visit.  The cake counter is actually run as a separate business – grab a platter, point out which buns take your fancy and take a seat to order your drinks.  Especially dangerous is the fact that the cakes are all under €1, so you can treat yourself to a proper pile.

Los dos pasteles que elegimos en Casa Eon, La Orotava

Not so sure

The cake man was pretty set on the hard sell and seemed to take offence when we decided to have (only!) one cake each.

The only other problem was Casa Egon’s early closing time – a sad 20.30h.  Having said that, most things in town seem to close before anyone would even have left the house in Madrid, so you can’t complain.

Our bill

2 teas

1 chocolate cake

rosca de yema (custardy glazed pastry ring…yes, it’s as good as it sounds)

Total: €3.60 (yes, really)

More information

  • Restaurante Casa Egon – Confitería Café Taoro
  • Calle León, 5
  • La Orotava, Tenerife

Tel: 0034 922 33 00 87

Vista del establecimiento


  1. Very many thanks for reminding us of the name of this great little place. It was heaving when we visited recently on a Saturday afternoon. Also worth mentioning is although the cafe closes at 20.00, the gardens gate closes at 17.00 so one can gain entry to the gardens via the Cafe Egon when the gates shut at 5pm.


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