Bodegón Sarria: it’s raining pinchos in Pamplona

Here at Gusto Guides,  we are fans of Pamplona‘s simple, hearty approach to food and the passion for local ingredients and traditions.  Yes, there is more to this particularly green corner of Spain than San Fermines and the running of the bulls.

When we’re in town, we like to wander down Calle Estafeta, one of the streets that is most famous for July’s celebrated bull run.  And – whether because of neighbour San Sebastian’s flashy influence or because times are hard and competition is stiff, even for those trying to sell a bite to eat – there has been a renaissance on the stone streets of the old town in recent years.  The best kind of renaissance.  A pincho renaissance.

bodegón Sarría pinchos

Pinchos in Bodegón Sarria

One wet Sunday, we decided to head to Pamplona classic Bodegón Sarría, and elbowed our way to a spot at the bar from where we could eye up the eatery’s wide selection of traditional and modern pinchos.

We went for a mixture of pinchos: some more modern and some more traditional.  Among the traditional options, we went for the ham and cheese ‘frito’, which had quite obviously been cooked a few days previously and was quite bland and flavourless.  Fortunately, the rest of our (generously-sized  2 or 3 per person is enough for a light meal) pinchos more than made up for the disappointment: scallops, elvers with aubergine and ‘encontrado’ – a mixture of tripe and aubergine.

bodegón sarría pincho berenjena con gulas

Aubergine and eels

Our bill

1 Pincho of aubergine with elvers – €2.80

1 Pincho of scallops €3

1 ham and cheese ‘frito’ – €2.10

3 mostos (non-alcoholic grape drink) – €4.50

1 Pincho ‘encontrado’ – €2.70

Total: €16.40

Pincho de vieira

Scallop pincho

More information

Bodegón Sarría , Calle Estafeta, 50-52, 31001 Pamplona


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