Sunday morning tapas at Jai-Ca, Barcelona

One of Barcelona’s top tapas bars in terms of the bang you get for your buck.  Chipironescalamares and fresh seafood are the specialties at this perpetually crammed traditional restaurant, which has opened an overflow bar in the next building to keep up with the punters.

Tapas bar Jai Ca Barceloneta Barcelona

Behind the bar at Jai Ca

Our bill


2 beers (medium)

2 more beers (small)

1 Coca Cola

Chocos (squid)


2 bombas (on the house)

Total: €19.30

Bombas at Jai-Ca

Catalan specialty ‘bombas’

The staff

Young and amenable.  When Sunday morning hangovers kick in, you might have to gently remind them a couple of times about your order but hey, you probably ain’t so fresh yourself.


Chocos – deep fried cuttlefish

Best bits

Ace tapas, great value for money.  Get there before the tourists discover it.

More information


Calle Ginebra, 9



Tel: 93 319 91 64

Metro Barceloneta

Open 9 am to 10.30 pm


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