Going underground at Bar Metro 1, Barcelona

Bar Metro 1, Barcelona

What’s the deal?

No, it isn’t a mirage.  One of Barcelona’s most unusual eateries and bars, the tiny Bar Metro 1 occupies an unlikely spot on a passageway inside the labyrinthine Passeig de Gracia metro station (at the entrance nearest to Calle Aragon).  Every surface is crammed with cans of soda, long-forgotten liqueurs and items that are evidently asked for frequently enough by passing travelers that the owner decided to start a little counter-top shop as well.

Metro 1 offers basic tapas and sandwiches as well as simple breakfasts and coffee on the hoof and, if you have worked up an appetite trying to find your way out of the station, sister bar Metro 2 (imaginative, we know) just around the corner offers full meals including hearty platos combinados.

Take note: Bar Metro 1 is not to be confused with the nearby gay bar of a similar name.  In one you won’t be able to get a bocadillo, and in the other you are highly unlikely to be able to pick up men.  It’s one or the other, apparently.

Our bill

1 jamon serrano sandwich

1 tortilla (potato omlette) sandwich

2 beers

Total: €8.85

More information

Bar Metro 1

Paseo de Gracia Metro entrance

Paseo de Gracia


Opening hours: 0700-2230h

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