La Confiteria, Barcelona (Paral-lel, bar/cocktails)

La Confiteria, Barcelona
Outside La Confiteria, Barcelona

What’s the deal?

A former confectioner’s shop that has somehow metamorphosed into a real gem of a place.  The owners have left the century-old interior untouched since reopening the premises as a bar 15 years ago, making this one of the most elegant and atmospheric bars in Barcelona.  If you want to look a bit Humphrey Bogart while getting tipsy with a special someone, this is your place.  Equally good (but less Bogart-y) if you want somewhere for a quiet coffee and pastry during the day – this is one of the few good-looking places in the city that is not perpetually heaving.

La Confiteria, Cocktail bar in Barcelona
Alvaro in La Confiteria, Barcelona
Lovely window table at La Confiteria
Lovely window table at La Confiteria, Barcelona
La Confiteria, Barcelona
La Confiteria, Barcelona

What did we drink (on the one occasion we went there and things didn’t get out of hand like they always do)?

2 Gin and Tonics (Tanqueray, Ma’am)

1 beer

1 Coca Cola

Total: €19

The staff

Bar-room veterans and charmers, more than happy to share their life stories (some of which are more than worthy of a role in an Almodovar flick).

Antiques behind the bar at La Confiteria, Barcelona
Antiques behind the bar

Our favourite parts

Atmospheric place, with lots of vintage bottles and antique fittings.  Reminded us of the glorious confiterias of Buenos Aires.  Oh, and we also loved that this is the kind of place where leaning against the bar and asking for a double whiskey makes you an actual real life cowboy.

Behind the bar at La Confiteria, Barcelona
Behind the bar at La Confiteria, Barcelona

Not so sure

We REALLY wish they served tapas.

More information

La Confiteria

C/Sant Pau, 128

08001 Barcelona

Tel: (+34) 934 43 04 58

Open until 3 a.m.

Metro: Paral-lel (Purple (L2) and Green (L3) Lines)

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La Confitería
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