Bar Club Caleta: tapas on the beach in Cadiz

Fed up with chilly Barcelona, Gusto Guides decided to head south for at least a little of the winter.  And where better than Andalucia?  We headed to the very south of the south, to the city of Cadiz.

What’s the deal?

After the morning’s culinary assault on half a kilo of churros, we thought the day couldn’t get any better.  But wait!  It did!  And on the city beach in Cadiz, no less.

Bar Club la Caleta was the last thing we expected to find in among the crowds of thirtysomething mums and dads attempting to prevent their beach-crazed offspring from committing crimes, drowning or listening to the bad words that the local fishermen would just not stop saying.  But there it was.  In a cave-shack crammed with religious memorabilia, slot machines and a good number of the aforementioned fishermen.

Behind the bar at Bar Club Caleta, Cadiz

Behind the bar at Bar Club Caleta, Cadiz

The terrace occupies one of the prime spots in Cadiz, tucked away out of the wind and at the same time flooded with sunshine at midday.

The food

Traditional Spanish dishes, with a certain emphasis placed on local seafood recipes (fried fish, squid and other goodies).

Slot machines at Bar Club Caleta, Cadiz

Our bill

2 beers: €3

Bread and nibbles: €1

Fried baby squid: €8

Tuna ‘a la almadraba’: €8.50

Total: €20.50

Beer on the beach at Bar Club Caleta, Cadiz

Bar Club Caleta, Cadiz, Andalucia - tapas, seafood and cold beer

The Staff

They are gravelly and did seem to have a tendency to ignore you unless you have a particularly fine shouting voice.  Despite the loud signs proclaiming the contrary, there is service on the terrace.

Best bits

The sun, the sea and the seafood.  This place is almost a cliché.

Bad bits

Not being able to stay longer.

More information


Calle Duque de Najera, S/N



Telephone: (0034) 956 228 113

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  1. Pepe

    Fui hace unos días, entre semana y sin demasiada gente, nos atendió una camarera que creo que era extranjera. La susodicha parecía que le estaba poniendo de comer al ganado y le molestaba que le preguntasemos por platos fuera de carta y sobre ingredientes (uno de los comensales tiene intolerancias alimenticias). Pedimos caballas con picadillos (quemadas por fuera y crudas en el interior), tortilla (hecha con patatas fritas desde a saber desde cuando, y friaz, la tortilla muy tostada – quemada por uno de los lados), pinchitos morunos (carne seca seca), croquetas de puchero (congeladas y de las baratas), choco frito (muy poco hecho) y papas aliñás (estas si estaban ricas). En definitiva la cocina va a lo rápido, maltratando el género. Las vistas de 10.

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