A 3 course meal for €8? The Gusto Guide to Menú del Día

So, we’ve had a few people asking us about the fabled Menú del día and, because we are nice like that, have come up with a Gusto Guide to explain the who, what, when and how of this Spanish institution.

Menu del Dia in Jerez, Andalucia

Menú Del Día is a lunchtime set menu (usually with 3 or so choices for each course) offered by many bars and restaurants in Spain.  It generally includes a starter, main course, dessert, bread and a drink (in some places a whole bottle of wine…) and costs from around €9 up (yep, cheap as chips).  Some places also do half-menus for the little-bellied.

Of course, it pays to shop around and look for recommendations.  Our particular tip for a truly local experience in Barcelona is el Rebost de la Plana in Gracia, where the Menú del Día will set you back about €11.

One more thing: if in doubt, follow the pensioners.  Trust us.  They are ruthless and will seek out the best Menú with no mercy for substandard chow.  Like the Terminator if he missed breakfast, we imagine.

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