Home brew and tapas at La Vermutería del Tano, Barcelona

When our awesome photographer friend invited us over for lunch at the weekend and insisted we went out for a Vermouth apéritif, well, who were we to object? And so, we ended up in Gracia’s La Vermutería del Tano sipping on the good stuff.

Neighbourhood bar serving, among the usuals, excellent home made vermouth and cold tapas. The place is full to the rafters at weekends and we, obviously looking like a weirder, drunker and altogether more dysfunctional version of the Holy Family seeking room at the inn, were kindly offered the cigarette machine to use as a table.

The walls are adorned with the usual local-bar mixture of décor/lost property and the clientele is a nice mixture of youngsters, families and old people telling very dirty jokes very loudly.

Barrels of the good stuff at Vermuteria del Tano

The food

Good cold tapas, mostly seafood – the anchovies and cockles are top picks. Excellent spicy (and very strong) homemade vermouth served with a 1960s sifón of water to dilute.

vermuteria el tano barcelona tapas vermouth gracia authentic

Our bill

Anchovies in house marinade – €3.50
Olives – €1.90
Crisps – €1.50
3 glasses of house vermouth – €1.50 each

Total – €11.40


The staff

Dry but very amenable. Incredible ability to squeeze between groups of sozzled punters.

Best bits

Some of the best vermouth we’ve had in ages.

Bad bits

So busy even babies have to queue outside in the street (see pic)

La Vermuteria del Tano, Gracia, Barcelona

The verdict: will we be going back?


More information:

Calle Joan Blanques, 24
Barcelona 08012

Tel: +34 932 131 058

Nearest Metro: Joanic

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