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Venice Canals

Our top 10 of 2017

Goodbye 2017!  It’s been a blast.  We found a burning, black-toothed passion for Venetian food.  We did a chilled out weekend in Cadaques.  We took a stroll around a silent city.  Here are our best bits from the past year….

Retrome hotel Barcelona recepcion

Retrome sweet home – a vintage hotel in Barcelona

Barcelona is booming.  Recent years have seen countless new bars, restaurants and hotels opening in areas which were previously almost entirely residential.  As well as the detrimental effect this is having on residents, another, aesthetic problem is arising.  All of…

artículo bata cover

Travel Secrets: my robe and me

Every traveller has a secret item, especially those who travel light or, like me, for long periods of time. Something which, when tucked into a corner of your backpack, brings something else along with it. A sense of home or…

Caffee Gilli Florence

Caffè Gilli, Florence: timeless style (and gin)

A friend of ours always says that ‘nobody enjoys life as much as they do in Northern Italy.’  And Caffè Gilli, on Florence’s central Piazza della Repubblica, is proof. Gilli opened its doors in 1733, when a Swiss family opened a…

St mark's with snow 1

When it snows in Venice

It doesn’t snow often in Venice, and when it does, the salty air of the lagoon tends to mean that it doesn’t last too long. Historically, ice was a great concern for the Venetians.  Back in Venice’s heyday at the…

Olympia museum statues

Ancient Olympia – home of the Olympic Games

Olympia – yes, that Olympia – is situated in a green valley on the North-Eastern side of the Peloponnese, about 30km inland.  Most visitors arrive via a little tangle of country roads that wind through the flat countryside of this part…

Athens central market

Travel Diary: Athens is not Sarajevo

When the Gusto Guides team were preparing for our first trip to Athens, we weren’t sure what to expect.  After all, this is the city that has suffered the most through the economic turbulence of recent years.  After the endless tales of hunger…

athens acropolis atenas

How to get to Athens city centre from the airport

The main airport serving Athens, the Eleftherios Venizelos, lies about 12 miles to the East of central Athens.  Connections with the city centre and Pireaus harbour are good, and easy to navigate even for those who cannot speak (or read)…