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bar asador Katuzarra pamplona

Bar Asador Katuzarra (Pamplona): gastronomy in the old town

Pamplona is slowly coming out of its shell, and little by little new restaurants are appearing to shake up the conservative dining scene in the Navarran capital. One such place is the charming Bar Asador Katuzarra, located on Calle San…

bodegón Sarría pinchos

Bodegón Sarria: it’s raining pinchos in Pamplona

Here at Gusto Guides,  we are fans of Pamplona‘s simple, hearty approach to food and the passion for local ingredients and traditions.  Yes, there is more to this particularly green corner of Spain than San Fermines and the running of the bulls….

running of the bulls

7 Essential Tips for Running with the Bulls in Pamplona

What would Pamplona’s legendary San Fermines fiesta be without the running of the bulls (aka the encierro)?  Yes, it would be a huge party that lasts for a week (not a bad thing in itself), but without the irresistible element…

Ulzama Valley

10 things to do in Navarra, Northern Spain

Navarra is much more than a certain fiesta famous for the running of the bulls (that’s you, Sanfermines).  This semi-autonomous frontier region was the last of the great Iberian kingdoms to join the union of states that became the Spain we…

Pamplona, casco viejo

A weekend in Pamplona

Pamplona, a sleepy city of 200,000 souls, is known chiefly for the famous San Fermines fiesta. Every July, the streets of the old town are closed off for the iconic running of the bulls, an event that invariably sees a…