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Venice Canals

Our top 10 of 2017

Goodbye 2017!  It’s been a blast.  We found a burning, black-toothed passion for Venetian food.  We did a chilled out weekend in Cadaques.  We took a stroll around a silent city.  Here are our best bits from the past year….

Dead Chic – a walk around Montparnasse Cemetery

If you want to really get under the skin of a place, visit the cemetery.  Only in the cemetery do rich and poor rub shoulders in quite the same way.  History is written in names, dates and sometimes photographs.  You…

St Paul de Vence

A wanderer’s guide to St Paul de Vence

Besides its beauty, St Paul de Vence is famous for being liked by famous people, most notably the artists and writers who have flocked to this hilltop town since the 19th Century.  In a way, this is what you see…

View of the Picasso Museum with the old Town, the sea and the Alps

Picasso Museum Antibes: Postwar Joie de Vivre

Picasso was not a man to be outdone.  When he arrived on the Côte d’Azur, he would have been aware of Renoir’s home in nearby Cagnes Sur Mer, as well as Chagall’s long stays in St Paul de Vence and Léger’s life…