5 reasons why we love Palma

Palma, once seen by many tourists as the gateway to Mallorca’s golden beaches, is fast growing as a holiday destination in its own right.  This beautiful city has a wonderful mix of sunshine, history and open sea.  Here are our top 5 reasons to love Palma:

Palma Mallorca Travel

Palma skyline

1. The food.  From the bustling Mercado Olivar (check out some of the freshest fish you can buy) to the city’s many upscale restaurants, Palma is fast becoming a destination for foodies.  Thanks to the city’s international visitors, most dietary requirements are catered for too.  There are also a number of companies now offering private cooking lessons and food tours if you would like an in-depth experience.

2. The art.  Palma may be a smallish city, but it holds its own when it comes to art.  Mallorca has long attracted some of the world’s most talented artists, and the city’s galleries showcase the work of some of the island’s most famous residents.  Check out the art lover’s guide to Palma for more information.

3. The architecture.  Wander through the streets of old Palma, see the golden walls of the city in the evening light and then tell us how you prefer modern architecture.  We particularly love the way new businesses and public spaces now occupy some of the most beautiful buildings in the city – like the various branches of Cafe Cappuccino and the Sa Llotja cultural centre.

4. The beach.  How many cities have a clean, sandy beach within a few minutes’ walk of this centre?  Even if you don’t want to get sand in your bikini bottoms, there is a lovely seafront walk and cycle path suitable for all.

Sandy beach in Palma, Mallorca

Sandy beach in Palma, Mallorca

5. The shops.  Palma’s mercantile past really shows.  The city is blessed with street upon street of beguiling stores, with hand-made leather goods sitting side by side with local foodstuffs and individual art galleries.  There are also a handful of excellent bookshops – we were particularly fond of Babel for its excellent selection of books.  And also the wine.

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