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Caffe Terzi Bologna sign shop

Caffè Terzi, Bologna: the art of coffee

Coffee at Caffè Terzi is not like coffee anywhere else.  This unassuming café is located in the heart of Bologna’s beautiful city centre and has earned a well-deserved reputation for serving the best brew in town since opening in 2002….

Caffee Gilli Florence

Caffè Gilli, Florence: timeless style (and gin)

A friend of ours always says that ‘nobody enjoys life as much as they do in Northern Italy.’  And Caffè Gilli, on Florence’s central Piazza della Repubblica, is proof. Gilli opened its doors in 1733, when a Swiss family opened a…

Loggia dei Lanzi Florence - The Rape of the Sabine Women

Florence’s open air sculpture gallery at Loggia Lanzi

The Loggia dei Lanzi in Florence is a good starting point for those who come to this beautiful city in search of beauty itself.  This, after all, is the city where the French writer Stendhal felt so overwhelmed by beauty…

Mdina Malta

Mdina, Malta’s silent city

Mdina, the old capital of Malta, is known as the silent city On an island as crowded, as congested, as joyously chaotic as Malta, Mdina is an anomaly.  In this ancient town (and we really do mean ancient – Mdina…

St mark's with snow 1

When it snows in Venice

It doesn’t snow often in Venice, and when it does, the salty air of the lagoon tends to mean that it doesn’t last too long. Historically, ice was a great concern for the Venetians.  Back in Venice’s heyday at the…

Olympia museum statues

Ancient Olympia – home of the Olympic Games

Olympia – yes, that Olympia – is situated in a green valley on the North-Eastern side of the Peloponnese, about 30km inland.  Most visitors arrive via a little tangle of country roads that wind through the flat countryside of this part…

sleeping woman malta

The Hypogeum: Malta’s underground world

Malta is home to some of the most impressive neolithic sites in the world – none more so than the hypogeum at Hal Saflieni.  This underground burial complex is open to the public, and has been an UNESCO world heritage…